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The warm atmosphere is very comfortable. So is cooking. So does alcohol.

3 minutes walk from Susukino subway station. Located a little away from the hustle and bustle of this busy city. "SINTOMI, a place to enjoy sake".

Savor the special dishes made by the owner from Kushiro. Savory dishes that mainly use ingredients from Hokkaido, and above all, that warm atmosphere is comfortable.

Sake and shochu from various parts of Japan add delicious flavor to dishes. This is the reason why the regulars of this town love the wide selection of products that you will not get tired of even if you come every day.

Let's stop by for a bit before heading home. A moment to forget everyday life. Soothing,somewhat nostalgic

Spend a moment forgetting the hustle and bustle of everyday life at "SINTOMI, a place to enjoy sake". The space is somewhat nostalgic and comforting. A moment like that.

You are welcome to drink alone. Let's stop by before going home.

When you want to talk about work with your friends, please use the relaxing horigotatsu tatami room. I tend to stay longer. It's that kind of shop.



There are always more than 12 kinds of sake from all over Japan. A wide variety of dishes that go well with sake

You can choose from a wide variety of sake, from standard to seasonal hidden sake.

We also have many a la carte dishes that go well with sake. Homemade salted fish and grilled stingray fins are the best.

You can enjoy seasonal Japanese sake and delicious side dishes. We will provide you with a moment of bliss.

Enjoy with potato shochu. We also offer rare shochu. A cup of delicious sake and delicious appetizers

Premium shochu "3M" Moriizo, Murao, Maou and standard Kirishima, Sekitoba, Tominohozan, etc.

You can easily enjoy potato shochu. Good on the rocks, good with water. with delicious appetizers.

Talk with your friends, have fun with your friends. Enjoy your time alone. It's a pleasure.


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